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Frequently Asked Questions
We know how important it is for you to get the accurate information you need fast and we understand that you don’t have time to be messed about. That's why we're so passionate about providing you with the smoothest possible experience on our website and in our customer support.

As we're based down under in Australia, our response times to email enquiries and social media messages may vary because of the different time zones. So, we've put together this definitive list of answers to commonly asked questions to give you all the info you'll ever need right here at your fingertips. The answers to your own burning questions are very likely to be just a few seconds away in this comprehensive guide below. It's generally the fastest and simplest way to find the answers to every question you could ask.

If you can't find the answers you need, please send us an email at help@aussieBum.com. We'll be very happy to help in any way we can.


Placing an order is dead simple. Once you've chosen something that takes your fancy, you'll be asked to select your size if the item is clothing. Now just choose the quantity you want, and click on the big green Add to Bag button. To complete your order, you‘ll just need to pay for your items at Checkout.

Checkout Instructions 1

Click the Shopping Basket Icon to get started. You'll find it at the top of your mobile screen, or in the top right-hand corner of your desktop screen. Review the items in your bag to check that everything is correct and that you haven't accidentally ordered 2,000 pairs of the same kinky underwear. Then click Checkout Now.

Checkout Instructions 1

We'll then ask you for your email address to figure out if you're an existing customer or you're a newbie to aussieBum. Just enter your email address and click on Continue. Alternatively, you can quickly log-in with your social media account – such as Facebook or Twitter - by clicking the relevant icon.

Checkout Instructions 1

We can process your order much faster when you're an existing customer or when you log-in with social media. After you've completed Checkout, we'll send you a quick confirmation email to let you know that we're on the case. We're early birds, so all orders are typically processed at the beginning of each day from 7am.

Once your order has been dispatched from aussieBum H.Q, we'll send you another email to confirm that your order is on its way via the delivery method you selected. We know that nobody likes hassle. For your total peace of mind, we offer a 90-day exchange service and all items sold come with a cast-iron customer satisfaction guarantee.
Sure. You can download the PDF form you'll need right here. Just fill out this Form and send it back to us via email at order@aussieBum.com.
Changed your mind? No worries. Send us an email to order@aussieBum.com as soon as you possibly can so that we can act quickly.

For faster results, either forward the order confirmation email you received, or let us know your contact details and the relevant invoice number. Please be sure to let us know exactly what you need us to do.

Orders are typically processed in the morning from 7am. If your order has not yet been processed, we'll sort out the changes you requested. Even if your order is already out for delivery, we can still help when you receive it. After it's been delivered to you, simply email help@aussieBum.com to speak to our post-care customer support team.
Choose from Credit and Debit Cards (MasterCard, Visa and American Express), PayPal or AfterPay (available to Australian and USA customers only).

The good news is that aussieBum trades in international currencies, so you can choose the currency you'd prefer to use. This means you won't get clobbered with an additional exchange fee from your bank when placing your order. You can change your currency preference by clicking on the Currency Selector Flag at the top of your screen.

All prices are calculated and charged in the following native currencies.
  • Australian Dollars (AUD)
  • American Dollars (USD)
  • British Pound (GBP)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • Canadian Dollars (CAD)
You can also choose from several other international currencies which are based on current public exchange rates and may incur slight variations. If your bank is using a different exchange rate when processing your payment, you might be charged a slightly different amount than the one we showed you at the time of placing your order.
We understand how frustrating it can be to place an order from overseas and then discover that your local Customs Agency has slapped additional charges on your package. We have some good news for you. If you must pay an additional VAT charge, we will refund you this amount plus and service or handling fee associated with the customs charge. To submit your payment receipt for a VAT & service fee refund, please complete this form and submit.

Alternatively you can prepay the VAT fee by selecting the Fast shipping method for an additional fee. The additional charge is not the VAT value. It is the cost to process and deliver your order using a separate courier solution.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay any additional Duty tax on orders over a specific value because we have not formal method to pay this fee in advance.

If you order above the tax Duty threshold you will also be charged an import tax Duties charges for goods over a predetermined value. It is important you either order below this amount or place multiple orders, so the total value is below the tax Duty threshold. Below is the tax Duty threshold level for each country.

For orders being delivered within Australia, the Australian GST (Goods and Services Tax) is already included in the price of your items. (Please note that Norfolk Islands, Christmas Islands and Cocos Islands are GST exempt territories). If you are placing your order from Australia and the order is being sent overseas: The Australian GST is not applied.
Our goal at aussieBum is your complete satisfaction with great products of which we can both be proud.

You can find our Terms and Conditions here

Can't find the information you need? No hassle, just pop an email over to our customer service team at order@aussieBum.com.


Your orders are usually processed, packed, and ready for delivery by the following day. aussieBum take the weekends off for chill time, so if you place your order during the weekend, we'll be on the case by Monday morning. (Australian Eastern Standard Time). Please note that during peak trading periods there may be short delays experienced due to extremely high volumes of orders.

All orders are processed and shipped from our logistics department based in Sydney, New South Wales Australia.

You'll get a confirmation email from us to let you know when your order has left the premises for delivery. Parcels are collected daily around 4pm. Australian orders are collected by Australia Post for delivery. All international orders are collected by DHL.
Not sure if your order has been processed and collected for delivery? Don't appear to have received a dispatch confirmation email? Just click track order to see the status of your order.

You can also find this link at the bottom of every page.You'll just need your order number and the email address you used when placing it. We can then provide you with all the info you'll need on the current status of your order. If you can't find the info you're looking for, please email our friendly Customer Service Team at support@aussieBum.com. They'll be happy to help and very rarely bite.

Quick Note: If your order was placed by our Customer Service Team rather than by yourself, the status can't be checked on this page. These order numbers always start with an ‘E' or an ‘M'. Just email support@aussieBum.com for any help you need with those.
All Australian Orders can be tracked after they've been received and processed by the Australia Posts logistics centre in Sydney. If your chosen delivery method for an International Order allowed for tracking, you'll be able to do this after your order has been processed locally by DHL.

Here's the track order to track your package if you're able to do so.
If you're waiting longer than expected for your order to arrive, first try these quick solutions to common problems.

Quick Check List:
  • Double-check your shipping confirmation email to confirm that your delivery address is correct.
  • If you've selected a traceable shipping method, use your tracking number to see if your parcel is still on its way.
  • Double-check your inbox for a notification email from your local Post Office. This may have gone straight to your Spam or Junk folders.
Browse the sections below for full details on delivery timeframes for Australian Orders and International Orders. (These timeframes are only an estimate as several factors can unfortunately delay a delivery).

If you're still worried about the delivery of your order, just give us a shout at support@aussieBum.com.
Standard Economy AusPost Delivery (includes tracking)
AusPost will deliver your parcel within about 5-10 business days from shipping date. Delivery within Sydney Metro area is usually quicker – around 3 to 4 business days. You can check the current status of you delivery from Australia Post here.

If your package has not arrived within 10 business days from shipment, give your local Post Office a call just to make sure it's not waiting for your collection. If it's not there, give our Customer Service Team a call and we'll chase it up for you with AusPost.

Australian Express Delivery (includes tracking)
Express Post is a premium delivery service that offers guarantees delivery of your parcel within 1-2 business days within the Express Post network from shipping date. This network covers over 80% of Australian business addresses, private addresses and Post Office boxes.

Take a look at the Australia Post Delivery Network Table to check if your postcode is included within the Express Post Network. You'll receive your Express Post tracking number in a notification email once the order has been dispatched. You can track your Express Post parcel here.
Guide to International Delivery
Please always check that you gave us the exact correct address details when placing your order, as even a tiny error can result in delivery delays. Deliveries are shipped from Australia, and delivery times will vary depending on your chosen shipping method and the destination of your order.

All shipping time guidelines are based on estimates provided by DHL Logistics*.

This applies to only a tiny percentage of orders shipped, but we unfortunately have no control over this and are not able to track the status of a package undergoing this process. Delays may occur in Belgium, Chile, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, and Spain. On very rare occasions, orders to Brazil and Portugal can also take longer.

Parcel delays are more likely to occur or be extended in the lead up to festive seasons and key sales periods. If nobody is home to take delivery of your package, local postal guidelines will apply.

Free Shipping via DHL Economy Airmail
For all aussieBum orders that offer free shipping**, we use DHL Economy Airmail. It's a really easy and affordable shipping option for international small parcels. These shipping time guidelines below are based on estimates starting from the date your order was collected for delivery by DHL Airmail.

  • New Zealand: 3 to 5 business days.
  • Hong Kong / Singapore: 5 to 7 business days.
  • China: 7 to 11 business days.
  • Rest of Asia/Pacific: 7 to 12 business days.
  • France: 5 to 7 business days.
  • Germany: 6 to 10 business days.
  • United Kingdom: 5 to 10 business days.
  • Rest of Western Europe: 5 to 12 business days.
  • Canada: 5 to 11 business days.
  • USA: 5 to 9 business days.
  • Rest of the World. 5 to 12 business days.

* Please note that local postal services and customs agencies may delay the delivery of an order up to 21 business days after it's been shipped. If you haven't received your parcel within this timeframe, please contact us at support@aussieBum.com.
** Unfortunately free shipping cannot be honored for a selected number of countries due to increased operational costs. We are also unable to offer free shipping for orders of more than AUD 500 and/or more than 25 items for the same reasons.

First Class Airmail (includes tracking)
First Class Airmail is recommended for bigger parcels or if you want to track the delivery status of your order. It offers the same delivery timeframes as DHL Economy Airmail (see above) with an added end-to-end tracking facility available here. This service is only available for selected countries.

FAST TRACK COURIER (includes tracking and VAT pre-paid)
UK and Germany ONLY - FAST TRACK COURIER is a new shipping method available only for parcels being delivered to the United Kingdom and Germany. It provides an end-to-end tracking facility as well as a prepayment for VAT. It ensures faster delivery and peace of mind.
  • To UK – up to 5 business days
  • To Germany – up to 6 business days
DHL Express (includes tracking)
DHL Express is our fastest delivery option, arriving within 6 days of shipment. You can track every step of the delivery status of your order through the DHL Express website here. Shipments to the USA with a value of over $400.00 AUD: US Customs will require the consignee (parcel recipient, most likely you!) to fill out an importer form with your Social Security Number (SSN). Please ensure you have this number available if you're choosing DHL Express on such an order. Shipments to South Africa with a value of over 500 ZAR.

You'll require an Import code or Identification Number on the commercial invoice. DHL Express shipments to Russia can only be delivered to a valid business address in accordance with Russian customs rules.

Please note that DHL Express deliveries may be assessed for duties and taxes which are not covered by aussieBum. Failure to cover these charges will result in your shipment being returned to us. This racks up a big fee which is your responsibility to pay. By proceeding with DHL Express, you authorise aussieBum to charge the return fees to you.
Although this doesn't always happen, international orders can incur taxes and duties as determined by the Customs Agency within the destination country. Assessment of duties and taxes are based upon the value of the order and the tax-free threshold for goods imported into your destination country.

From 1st March 2019 any order delivered into the European Union or the United Kingdom will be entitled to a VAT and service fee refund from aussieBum if you incur a VAT charge from the relevant authority in your country. Alternatively you can prepay the VAT fee by selecting the Fast shipping method for an additional fee. The additional charge is not the VAT value. It is the cost to process and deliver your order using a separate courier solution.

Once you have made the payment to the relevant authority keep your payment receipt, complete our online VAT Refund form to receive the VAT and service fee refund total. The refund issued will be credited to the credit card used when making the original purchase.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay any additional tax Duties charges if your order is above the tax Duties threshold. To avoid this, we recommend you keep your order below the threshold or place multiple orders. Submitting a VAT Refund is easy. Click here to apply for a refund. It is important you include a copy of your VAT payment receipt. We will refund the VAT charge and service fee stated on the receipts value.

If you order above the tax Duty threshold you will also be charged an import tax Duties charges for goods over a predetermined value. It is important you either order below this amount or place multiple orders, so the total value is below the tax Duty threshold. Below is the tax Duty threshold level for each country.

CountryVAT ThresholdCustoms Duties Threshold
Andorra12 EUR150 EUR
Austria21 EUR150 EUR
Belgium21 EUR150 EUR
Brazil180 BRL 
Canada19 CAD 
China54 CNY 
Cyprus16 EUR150 EUR
Denmark158 DKK1100 DKK
Estonia21 EUR150 EUR
Finland21 EUR 
France21 EUR150 EUR
Germany21 EUR150 EUR
Greece21 EUR150 EUR
Ireland21 EUR150 EUR
Italy21 EUR150 EUR
Japan9872 JPY 
Korea (South)164747 KRW 
Latvia21 EUR150 EUR
Luxembourg21 EUR150 EUR
Malta21 EUR150 EUR
Netherlands21 EUR150 EUR
New Zealand405 NZD 
Poland91 PLN640 PLN
Portugal21 EUR150 EUR
Russia7598 RUB 
Singapore397 SGD 
Slovakia21 EUR150 EUR
Slovenia21 EUR150 EUR
Spain21 EUR150 EUR
Switzerland5 CHF 
United Kingdom14 GBP135 GBP

Returns and Exchanges

If you are not completely satisfied with your aussieBum purchase or have simply changed your mind, please return the item to us in its original condition within 90 days from date of receipt. We're happy to exchange the item for a different size, colour, or style.

If you prefer, we can issue you with a voucher or refund on receipt.

As we widely advertise on the website, this no-quibbles policy does not include Sale items, product bundles or multi-pack discounts. These are not eligible for refunds or exchanges unless there is a manufacturing fault.

Please remember to include this Form stating your full name, order number, and items included in the parcel. If you'd like to receive your exchange faster, we recommend that you speed things up by placing your new order online and returning the unwanted item back to us for a refund.

As long as the items are in their original condition, simply send them back to us by post along with the Form within 90 days of receipt of delivery to this address:

aussieBum - Returns Department PO Box 125 Camperdown NSW 1450 AUSTRALIA

As soon as we've processed your exchange, we'll send you an email to let you know that your replacement order is on its way. If you've opted for a refund, the total amount for the items returned and accepted will be refunded to the payment method you used to make the original purchase. We'll use the same currency you chose for your order, too.

The item is your responsibility until it reaches us. For your own protection, we recommend that you send the parcel using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods and includes delivery tracking. Unfortunately, we can't accept responsibility for any problems occurring in transit with the products you're returning to us.
As we make as clear as we can on the website, our exchange policy doesn't include Sale items, product bundles or multi-pack discounts. We can't offer refunds or exchanges on these if you've changed your mind about the purchase.

We are of course still very happy to exchange or refund sales items if there is a manufacturing fault and you return them within 30 days of receipt.
We're naturally very proud of the fabric, quality and craftsmanship that goes into making each and every aussieBum product. In the super-unlikely event of you finding fault with a product you've received, please contact our Customer Service Team at support@aussieBum.com quoting your order number, your name and your address. We'll get right on it!

To help speed up the process, we ask you take a photo of the garment to help us identify and confirm the manufacturing fault. We'll exchange the item for free and reship immediately. We'll also take care of all return shipping and re-delivery costs, ensuring that they are credited back to you.

Please use standard mail services when returning the item. These shipping costs should not exceed $10.00 AUD or the equivalent in your home currency.
We do our very best but we're (mostly) human, and Gremlins can get in the works on very rare occasions. If the item you've received is not what you ordered, please contact Customer Service at help@aussieBum.com quoting your order number, your name and address, and details of the product received. We'll advise on how best to proceed with the return.
Sure. We'll give you the refund in the form of a voucher.
aussieBum will cover the postage costs for any items you need to return due to a manufacturing fault or wrong item received. However, you are responsible for the postage costs of returning an item to us for an exchange. This includes responsibility for any currency conversion costs.

As a goodwill gesture, we're happy to cover the cost of shipping a replacement item to you on your first exchange. However, you'll need to pay the postage charges on any subsequent exchanges. (This is typically around $8 AUD depending on the quantity of items).

If you fail to return the original items back to us within the specified time frame, you'll be charged for the replacement items we've sent you, but we'll give you plenty of notice before applying the charge. Please remember that the item is your responsibility until it reaches us.

For your own protection, we recommend that you send the parcel using a delivery service that insures you for the value of the goods and includes delivery tracking. Unfortunately, we can't accept responsibility for any problems occurring in transit with the products you're returning to us.
Your returned items will first arrive at our post office box before getting delivered to our office for processing. If you haven't heard from one of our Customer Service Team, it just means that we haven't got our hands on it yet, even if your tracking status is showing that it's been delivered to our post office box.

Depending on the volume of activity, the processing of returned orders can take a few days. Be assured we will be in contact, but feel free to contact us at help@aussieBum.com if you're concerned. If you sent your return from outside Australia, the parcel may have to go through customs which could potentially cause delays.

Brand & Products

Way back in 2000, an unemployed Sean Ashby spent a great deal of his time enjoying the Australian beach culture lifestyle on Bondi Beach. When he discovered to his frustration that he was no longer able to buy the classic Nylon swimwear he always wore to the beach, Sean decided to take matters into his own hands and invest all his life savings into starting up his own business.

The name aussieBum comes from a simple but pretty accurate description of Sean himself at the time! Sean was an Aussie (Australian citizen) and a bit of a Beach Bum (someone who spends most of their time at the beach). Sean initially only sold his new aussieBum swimwear to his mates and fellow Beach Bums. When he later approached clothing retailers in Sydney and around Australia, he was told that Aussies now only wear Lycra swimwear, and there was no longer a market for the Nylon stuff.

Moving forward to 2001 when Sean's savings were nearly exhausted, he decided to build an e-commerce website. The Dot Bomb had recently hit, and many online retailers were closing, but a self-taught and undeterred Sean pushed on with the creation of a fresh and distinctive website packed with appeal for his core audience. He got his mates to help out with the photographing and modelling of the aussieBum swimwear he had designed.

He also sent photos and samples of his creations to media publications around the world to help promote the new aussieBum website. From a slow but steady trickle of new orders, Sean gradually found himself dealing with a tidal wave of orders from all over the globe. The real game changer came when Kylie Minogue's stylist William Baker requested that Sean send over his entire swimwear collection for use in the Slow music video he was styling for Kylie.

The video generated massive media attention around the world, and caught the eye of David Walker Smith who at the time was Head of Menswear for Selfridges & Co London.The international success story of the aussieBum brand after originally facing harsh rejection from retailers in Australia is still a buzzing topic in business. The company now repeatedly wins major export marketing and ecommerce awards in Australia, including the Australian Export Awards – Manufacturing Award in 2007 & 2009, and more recently the Australian Export Awards – ecommerce Award in 2017.

Today the company still manufactures over 1 million underwear and swimwear garments in Sydney, Australia. The growing range now also includes lifestyle apparel manufactured overseas in quality-controlled facilities in Vietnam and Bangladesh. All garments are still designed by Sean at his operations in Sydney, Australia.
Yes, of course! You'll find the blue link above the Select Size button on every product. Just give this a click to view the Size Chart for that item.

Size Chart 1 Size Chart 2

Quick Tip: The Size Chart is a pop-up window. If your browser currently prevent pop-ups, you'll need to change the settings so that pop-ups are allowed from aussieBum.com
It's an innovative and exclusive design that we cooked up from your feedback and suggestions. The idea is to basically sit your whole package into the pouch in the front of the item so that the edge of the pouch sits completely underneath and behind your package. In other words: "Put the whole salad in the bowl!".

This patented technology has no padding or artificial extras. Look down and you'll see for yourself that the boosting WonderJock effect simply lifts you up and enhances your assets for a bigger but completely natural look. aussieBum WonderJock is also designed with your total comfort in mind. Nothing will pinch or rub here.
The Sheer Rating is an indicator of how transparent the garment becomes when wet. It works on a simple scale from 1 to 10. So, the lowest rating of 1 means that a garment is the least see-through, climbing up to 10 for the most see-through.

For example, Black is not a very transparent colour so black garments will have a low Sheer Rating. On the other hand, White becomes very transparent when wet so will usually have a high rating.

You can find this information in the Garment Care section of each swimwear product. We just like to let you know so that you don't end up showing off more than you intended during that pool party with the in-laws.
The New Zealand Laundry Company is a new brand from the creator of aussieBum. Think of it as the Winter version of aussieBum. Just as our aussieBum apparel is all about the Spring and Summer seasons down under in Australia, the New Zealand Laundry Company will launch new products in tune with the Autumn and Winter months.

NZLC is all about the great outdoors with a focus on hiking, adventures and travel in remote areas of New Zealand. We use these locations as our inspiration for the styles and ranges we produce. We then road-test the garments to see how they perform in all types of conditions.

The NZLC range is currently located exclusively here on the aussieBum website, but as the range grows bigger, we're already making plans to launch the new dedicated NZLaundry.com site.

Account & Technical

If you've forgotten your password, just click the little Head Icon on the top right corner of the main page. You'll now be able to click on "Forgot your password?" and will be guided towards the set-up of a new one.

If you're already logged into your aussieBum account and want to change your password, you'll find this option in the drop-down menu under the Head Icon. Alternatively, just click here to reset your password.
Just send us an email request at support@aussieBum.com from your current registered email address. Simply advise us of the old and new email addresses and we'll take care of the rest. We'll let you know when it's all done.
If you're experiencing a bit of trouble with our website on your computer, tablet or smartphone, try these quick steps below.

  • Use our recommended browser: Google Chrome.
  • Clear your cache and cookies, close your browser and reopen it.
  • Log out and log back into your aussieBum account, and then try placing your order again.
If the issue persists, please contact our Customer support team at help@aussieBum.com.
A payment can be rejected for all kinds of different reasons: Wrong card number or expiry date, insufficient account balance, or your card provider may not allow overseas purchases.

If you're sure you have entered the information correctly, it's best to contact your bank and double check if your card is eligible for online purchases before trying again. If the issue persists, please contact our Customer Service Team at help@aussieBum.com.


International Telephone Number: +61 2 9560 2626
We're available by phone from Monday to Friday between the hours of 08:30 - 17:00 (Australia Eastern Standard Time).

Our company office hours of operation are from 08:30 - 17:00. All orders are processed and shipped during the weekdays. We are closed all major holidays in Australia and state holidays in New South Wales, Australia.
If you have a query relating to sponsorship, advertising or public relations, the aussieBum marketing team would love to hear from you via media@aussieBum.com.
Sean Ashby is the Founder, Managing Director, and the Principal Designer of the aussieBum and New Zealand Laundry collections. Sean has also been the principal photographer for all our campaigns since we first launched in 2001. He's passionate about delivering the highest quality product and providing the best possible customer support.

He even makes a great cup of coffee, too. If you have a burning enquiry that you feel can only be answered by Sean, please feel to free to hook up with him directly by email at sean@aussieBum.com or by telephone on +61 2 9560 2626

The aussieBum workplace is a modern open office environment. We are socially responsible and pride ourselves on our diverse cultural values.
We're always on the lookout for new models to showcase our premium clothing in the style it deserves. If you think you've got what it takes, just fill in this form and send it with your portfolio to model@aussieBum.com
We'd be more than happy to consider your application to be a new official retailer of aussieBum products. Please get in touch with us at retail@aussieBum.com so that we can chat in more detail about the opportunity. We'll just need some initial details about yourself and your store.

Please send us the address, pictures of the store, plus any extra info on your business and other brands you may work with. Essentially, the more information you can send us the better!

Contact Customer Service

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