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Where is your underwear & swimwear made and the materials used to manufacture?

Over 95% of our underwear is made in the Inner West region of New South Wales, Australia. The fabric used to manufacture our underwear is produced and supplied from a knitting mill in Queensland, Australia.

Our waistbands are manufactured in China and warehoused in the inner west region of Sydney, New South Wales.

Our seamless underwear is manufactured in China and warehoused in the inner west region of Sydney, New South Wales.

Our swimwear is manufactured in the inner west region of Sydney, New South Wales and fabric is supplied from China.

Prior to the announcement of the COVID-19 virus, the vast majority of our raw material was already on hand and being warehoused in Queensland and New South Wales.

What preventative measures are you taking to stop the spread of COVID-19?

From the 16/03/2020 aussieBum introduced strict hygiene and work environment health practices. In point form here is what we have done to ensure your personal health and safety and the safety of our teams:

  • Anyone entering our premises and those of our manufacturers' premises in Australia is required to have their body temperature taken using a laser temperature reader.
  • Anyone entering the building is required to use alcohol-based hand sanitiser to clean their hands. They are then required to wash their hands again using hot water and soap.
  • Team members who use a workstation have removed all non-essential items from their desk and required to clean their desk twice a day.
  • Our company cleaners have increased their shifts to regularly clean workstations and all areas of the company premises where team members are located.
  • We have asked all team members to maintain a safe distance from each other during meal breaks and times where congregation typically occurs.
  • All team members have been provided with face masks and we have been asked to have them on hand to wear if anyone sneezes or coughs, or to wear whilst on the company premises if they suspect they may sneeze or cough to help respect other's hygiene.
  • Every person has their own alcohol-based hand sanitiser to use regularly throughout the day.
  • All raw material used to manufacture goods are quarantined for a two-week period before any boxes or fabric roles can be handled by sewers and cutters.
  • Any person whose body temperature is elevated will not be allowed entry and will be directed to their local health practitioner or to contact the relevant COVID-19 related health authorities.
  • We have offered all employees the opportunity to immunise against all known flu viruses. A nurse will be in attendance on the 23rd March 2020 to immunise team members who have given consent.
  • We have asked but cannot enforce that all employees self-quarantine themselves whilst outside of the company premises. It is our absolute objective to maintain the highest hygiene standards until immunisation against the COVID-19 virus can occur.